Sharath Kamal: Still rallying

The 36th PSPB Inter-Unit Table Tennis Tournament is going on at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. Achanta Sharath Kamal is playing Soumyajit Ghosh in the team event. India’s No. 1 TT player taking on the No. 2. But all eight thousand seats in the stadium are empty. Apart from players, coaches, referees, scorers … Continue reading Sharath Kamal: Still rallying


Groundsman, who could’ve been a Test cricketer

Sadagopan Ramesh was about to make his Test debut in front of his home crowd, in Chennai, against archrival Pakistan in 1999. His illustrious team-mate Sachin Tendulkar was practicing in the nets on the eve of the match with S. Vasthirayutham, a groundsman, bowling off-spin to him. Ramesh, perhaps wanting to impress Sachin, got the … Continue reading Groundsman, who could’ve been a Test cricketer

The tales of Mitch from Townsville

  “He can be quicker than Brett Lee” “Mitch, from Townsville,” Mitchell Johnson introduced himself. The 18-year-old was at Adelaide Oval No. 2 on an April morning in 1999. Nobody had heard of him. Some laughed at his hairstyle--an undercut with a ponytail. They mightn’t have, had they known ‘Mitch from Townsville’ was sent there … Continue reading The tales of Mitch from Townsville

Don’t expect; just accept

Sometimes, on one of those very rare occasions of being ‘profound’, there is a serious thought that arises within. A thought that is disturbing and offers no sort of enlightenment; a thought that is a bit too obvious to be called a ‘thought’; a thought that reiterates the problem and issues a warning but offers … Continue reading Don’t expect; just accept

That day…

Cricinfo says it was April 22nd, 1998. India was playing Australia in a triangular ODI series that included New Zealand. The final league game that would decide who'd play the tournament final. Of course, Australia qualified already. They didn't really believe in fighting for survival. Predators don't survive. They make survival hostile. And hostile it … Continue reading That day…

I will miss Ricky Ponting

I don't know why am I even writing a 'tribute' piece-if you insist on calling it that-for someone whom I've never liked. Ricky Ponting is not my favourite cricketer. He's not there in my list of Top 10 favourite cricketers. Not in the Top 15. Top 20? Umm... no. Despite being the statistical skyscraper of … Continue reading I will miss Ricky Ponting